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Frigorifico Lorsinal S.A- About US

We are a renowned enterprise specializing in various aspects of beef and lamb production and distribution. Based in Uruguay, our expertise spans slaughter, processing, storage, refrigeration, packaging, manufacturing, industrial production, and global trade of beef and lamb products and by-products. With a workforce of 400 dedicated individuals, we are committed to maintaining industry-leading standards.

Frigorifico Lorsinal S,A maximizes the benefits of its prime geographical position in Uruguay. Our production facility strategically sits within a 250km radius of the country’s two primary cattle sources and just 30km from major maritime ports. With our robust operational setup, we can efficiently slaughter 1,000 cattle per day across two shifts, supported by a freezing and cold storage capacity of 3,000 tons.

Frigorifico Lorsinal S,A
Frigorifico Lorsinal S,A
Frigorifico Lorsinal S,A

Proudly certified for business in over 30 markets worldwide, our reach extends across Europe, America, Canada, South Korea, Israel, Russia, China, Mexico, Chile, Peru, South America, the Middle East, and North Africa. A significant 70% of our beef and lamb product sales are earmarked for China.

We offer an extensive selection of over 150 beef products, ranging from sliced and boned cuts to individually packaged items, available in both frozen and chilled formats. Additionally, we provide over 50 lamb products to meet diverse culinary needs.


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Corporate Story

Since its founding in 1965, Frigorifico Lorsinal S.A. has been a leading figure in Uruguay’s meat processing sector, renowned for exporting top-tier beef and lamb to numerous international markets. Situated in Montevideo, Uruguay, our operations boast impressive processing capacities, capable of handling up to 1,000 cattle per day, and our workforce comprises over 400 experienced professionals.

Our operational framework embodies vertical integration, granting us direct oversight of our feedlots, abattoirs, and processing plants. This holistic approach allows us meticulous control over each phase of production, ensuring unparalleled quality standards. Recognized for excellence, our products have received endorsements from esteemed institutions like the USDA and the EU.